Simple Disciple

"Go, make disciples..."



  simple resources and a clear path to grow as a disciple who makes other disciples


Our Mission

Disciples making disciples. 

Every believer is called to be a disciple of Jesus who makes other disciples. However, few believers actually live this out. We want to change that.

By providing quality discipleship resources that are easy to use, we want to equip every believer to be able to grow as a disciple and lead others down that same path. You still have to do the work, but hopefully we can give you a clear path and the tools you need to help you along the way.

"Go, make disciples..."

Calvin Williams


Discipleship Consulation

Interested in learning how you can begin a discipleship ministry or implement a discipleship process into you Church? Click below to set up a consultation with our founder, Calvin Williams.

Who runs this?


Calvin Williams

Calvin is founder of Simple Disciple. He is the Lead Pastor of Christ's Mercy Church in Katy, Tx. His passion for discipleship began in college where he co-founded a discipleship program with 10 guys who had no clue what to do but knew they were called to make disciples. Beginning with one-on-one relationships, Calvin became the leader which grew to 80 discipleship relationships. 

After graduating and having seen the transformation it had in college students lives (including his own), now was the time to see if it could be transferred to full-time working adults with kids. In 2015, Calvin and his wife Crystal replanted CMC in Katy, Tx with that goal in mind. Since then, Calvin created the discipleship material which is used by CMC and various other ministries. He is always revising and working to provide the best tools for his Church members to disciple others, which is made available through Simple Disciple. 

p.s. - not that it gives him discipleship credibility (that's only earned through actually doing discipleship with people), Calvin does have a Master's in Theological Studies and will be pursuing a doctorate degree in Fall of 2019. That doesn't mean that he knows everything, but at least he's not some crazy guy shouting random ideas.